CommunicatiON is an interactive project which connects textile and digital world, born in occasion of  Young Fiber Contest 2016, realized in collaboration with Federico Vanzati, Arduino expert.

Human communication is changing, is blowing out, is losing the physical contact. We are looking for an always ‘connected’ mental condition but strongly far away from our physical state/being.  Sardines hanged, inert, captured are the symbol of this epidermal loss, are the symbol of the de-sensitisation of human communication.  The white box and the tangle of electrical yarns ending with little lamps, instead, unique colored elements, represent human emotion. Electrical yarns turns on the lamps when somebody approaches, thanks to an hardware Arduino and a proximity sensor.

CommunicatiON is an invitation to listen, to turn on the five senses, the emotion that we live when somebody cross our borderline.

Textile elements – sardines

Materials: polyester knitted fabric, Giorgio Piovano Home Textiles

Shapes cuttered with a laser machine @ Fablab Torino, makerspace and digital fabrication laboratory, and sewed by hand with an Elna Supermatic machine.

Electrical elements – white box

Materials: proximity sensor  + hardware Genuino + lamps


Special mention at the Young Fiber Contest 2016 | Opera with a strong impact and content that involves the  textile and the digital world.




Fiber Art, Home decor